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Facing a Firm Foundation: Have You Hugged Your Dermis Today!

Even the most exquisite creation is sunk without a firm foundation. It is important to understand the factors which contribute to the destruction of any foundation, to provide the opportunity to protect it from weakening the structure which it supports. Our skin has a delicate outer layer (epidermis) which provides a living barrier, protecting us from harsh weather, chemicals and infections. The outer layer is the one we spend so much time and money to protect and enhance. We purchase creams, ointments and make-up attempting to present our best face for all the world to see. But, it is the two layers of skin UNDER the epidermis that provide the foundation for your appearance. The dermis is the second layer and is the actual ‘work-horse’ of your skin. It provides collagen and elastin which assist with skin tightness, elasticity and suppleness. Below the dermis is the subcutaneous layer which is primarily fat and other structural supportive tissue which provide cushion and insulation as well as form and lift, defining our features such as full lips and plump cheeks. As we age and expose our skin to harsh elements, the dermis becomes less efficient, producing less elastin and collagen and our skin becomes lax and loose. The subcutaneous tissue loses volume in the cheeks, around the nose and mouth, eyes, temples and lips. Thanks to gravity pulling down on our skin at all times, our loose, sunken skin not only sinks, but also sags. Wearing sunscreen, not smoking and eating anti-oxidant rich foods such as carrots, apricots, blueberries and salmon contribute to the protection of the foundation. Many options are available to assist with strengthening your foundation. FDA-approved dermal fillers such as Voluma, Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane are hyaluronic acids (a substance naturally created in our body) which can be injected by a trained doctor or registered nurse, to replace lost volume, filling and lifting the skin and providing a more youthful appearance. There also are prescriptive skin care products, such as Obagi, which are incredibly successful with healthy cell production, reducing hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and skin tightening. The condition of your skin is a direct result of the health and strength of its foundation. The next time you see a person who you believe has plump and radiant skin, be sure to complement him or her on that healthy foundation: “Your dermis is beautiful. I wish I had a dermis like that!”
By Rebecca Romanucci, RN Advanced Aesthetic Registered Nurse Injector Owner/Manager RSR Medical MEDICAL SKIN REJUVENATION, L.L.C. –

See the published article in Lantana Living Magazine.