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Be Skin Fit for the Holidays Bootcamp Begins Now

Why does the word ‘PROCRASTINATE’ begin with ‘pro’? I admit, there have been times that I have benefited by putting-off an assignment to the last moment, but for the most part, procrastinating does not have a positive outcome.  The field of aesthetics becomes quite busy in November and December as people prepare for parties and events. Unfortunately, they seem to arrive in a state of crisis, seeking a skin transformation, for an event that is less than a week away.

Meeting with a medical professional such as a physician or registered nurse who specializes in skin care and being on a treatment plan which is monitored every three months is optimal. Waiting until days before an event to call and make an appointment will produce much less than optimal results. Most times, your first choice for where you would like to be treated, will have no openings during the holiday season and you will be tempted to go to a place that does not have a MEDICAL professional treating you.  When it comes to your face, one size does NOT fit all, and finding the bargain may have less than desirable, even dangerous outcomes.

Beginning treatment approximately three months prior, provides an opportunity to be carefully assessed and to establish a plan to implement for optimal results. The skin cycle (one transformation of skin cells from new to expired) is approximately 6 weeks. The old skin cells need to be sloughed off and fresh cells need to be cared for, so that as they reach the surface, they have everything they need to be healthy and protected. Being on the correct treatment system, such as Obagi Prescriptive Skin Care, within the first six weeks, the skin transforms with tightening of pores, lightening of freckles, age spots, sun damage, skin tone becomes tighter, has less laxity and fragility, redness and flaking lessen and smoother, softer, healthier skin is evident. 

Over the next six weeks, leading into the days before special events, you and those who see you will notice significant improvements in your skin such as firmer, smooth, naturally hydrated more resilient skin with improved clarity with a healthy glow. Your skin will have transformed to function properly as the layers of the skin receive increased supply of nutrients and blood flow and healthy, strong collagen and elastin production has increased. 

Now is the time for all good men and women to seek out the medical professional of their choice, to be medically assessed and assisted with a treatment plan for their skin. Take a before holiday photo now, and wake up on Christmas Day and compare the two photos.  My gift to you.