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Aging Gracefully

As seen in Lantana Living magazine

Aging Gracefully

Interview By Steve Gamel, Murray Media with Rebecca Romanucci, RN, and Owner/Manager, of RSR Medical

RSR Medical looks out for its clients and its community

For Rebecca Romanucci, when attempting to age gracefully, less is definitely more.

Rebecca started RSR Medical Skin Rejuvenation, LLC six years ago with the belief that a conservative approach to skincare rejuvenation is not only the safest way to treat people, but it is also what people want.

A Two-Time Best of Denton County Winner

When asked what Rebecca believes makes RSR Medical different, she responded, “We believe in aging… gracefully; slowing down the negative effects of the aging process,” Romanucci said. “As we age, we carry with us the results of every smile and fun under the sun event. We wear these like badges: lines, crinkles and wrinkles. But, we also lose volume, and thanks to gravity, our face starts to sink and then sag, (jowls) and those are not badges we carry proudly.  We at RSR Medical focus on slowing down the negative effects of aging.”

Bottom Line: Beauty as God Created Us

RSR specializes in advanced techniques and procedures of medical aesthetics, including Botox/Dysport, dermal fillers, IPL/laser, the Skin Pen, and Obagi prescriptive skin care. RSR Medical has also been recognized by Obagi as one of the National, top 50 skincare providers at the National 2012 Obagi Medical Leadership Summit. RSR Medical is a recipient of the triple diamond level Obagi award.

With that comes an added level of responsibility. Rebecca admits that RSR isn’t for everyone. “We focus on enhancing, and not altering, a person into someone they never were created to be, and one size does not fit all.” Rebecca explains, “When someone brings in a photo of a movie star or model, and asks for lips or cheeks like them, we remind them that they were not born with Angelina Jolie’s lips, or Michelle Pfeiffers’ cheek bones, and that they are beautiful — as God created them.  If you weren’t born with voluminous lips you may want to ask yourself what the outcome would be if you added too much volume, more than they were designed to hold,” Romanucci said.  “We have all seen

the results of those who have gone to places who WILL over-inject their lips (duck lips), or cheeks, resulting in a distorted appearance. Or be treated with Botox/Dysport to ‘freeze’ their face, resulting in the inability to make any expressions at all. At RSR, we feel that weakening specific facial muscles, and avoiding others, provides both a reduction of lines and wrinkles, as well as the ability to continue to make expressions.”

Registered Nurses:  Key Difference To Consider

Perhaps the most important consideration for any aesthetic injectable treatment is the expertise of the person doing the injection. All procedures and services at RSR are performed by Registered Nurses, licensed by the Texas Board of Nursing, — all of whom have completed advanced training and certifications under the supervision and guidance of their medical director, a surgeon who is actively practicing, and certified by the American Board of Surgery.

Rebecca, is in high demand, and travels the country to

teach other nurses and doctors, the proper way to assess and treat patients.

“We reach a point where we finally accept reality; there are no shortcuts to being healthy or to beauty. Shortcuts lead to short results, like crash diets. Eating responsibly, exercise and reducing stress all contribute to not only a healthy body, but also healthy skin.

Commitment to Community

“I’m humbled by it all,” Rebecca said. “We are all so grateful for the nominations, and votes.  Six years ago, we began with caring for a few people here and there. Their friends recognized the difference, and came to see us too.  It just kept growing. I believe people were looking for the right fit, the place they could trust to have an RN listen, treat conservatively, and have people wonder if you have had a facial, or changed your hair style, and not that you have drastically altered your appearance.”

A Champion For The Community

At the end of the day, Rebecca is simply an extremely genuine person who lives for God, recognizing that “we all have a responsibility to act, where we are able to make a positive impact.” The growth of RSR Medical has provided me with the opportunity to give back.”  She is on the advisory board of Public Affairs and Community Service, at UNT, and also passionate about serving the needs of our country’s Veterans.  Rebecca is a familiar face at her children’s school, where she volunteers at least once each week, and is also her daughters’ volleyball coach. 

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email: Rebecca@RSRmedical.com


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